"You don't have to. You get to!"
This soccer fitness video series was designed, developed and produced by Tony Kees, a highly respected Chicago area coach who saw a demand for fitness “home work”, where players could get a full-body workout in very little space, with no equipment, in the spirit of P90X and Insanity, but for soccer players! TK becomes your training partner as these workouts target traditional weak spots in soccer players, such as the upper body and core, but has incidental benefits for legs and cardio. As Tony says, "Soccer is the beautiful game. But it's not always pretty. In fact, there is a physical element that is increasingly gaining in importance in the modern game. I can see that elite players are getting smarter and more comitted and are looking for ways to train on the days in between their team sessions. These video workouts are one source to help in that regard!".
• Perfect 'at-home' workouts for the days in between training
• Injury Prevention / Durability
• Improve Upper Body Strength
• Improve Core Strength
• Improve Coordination & Body Control
• Incidental Cardio benefit
• Develop ability to 'Push Through'
• Gain in confidence
• Great 'Pre' or 'Post' "add-on" to training!
• Very effective Team Building activity
• Great for evaluating 'Intangibles' (watch your players do this!)
• Great for many players in limited space
• Great 'Filler' activity during inclement weather
Tony Kees


"I Met Tony in 1983, when I was in Junior High. Tony was my art teacher and was a major role model to me. He has an excellent approach to teach and maximize the most out of the people he works with. It's so cool and a honor to have some of my music be a backing track to one of his products and lessons. I truely think Tony is one of the best teachers and coaches in the world." - Richie - 7th heaven - 7thheavenband.com

Tony Kees is currently (in 2017) a staff coach for Sockers FC Academy, after a year with Chicago Magic-PSG Academy and 5 years as Assistant Academy Director for the Chicago Fire. Tony ran his own club (EG Arsenal) for 22 years, and has also coached the Chicago Inferno PDL team, as well as 34 years coaching at Conant, Neuqua Valley, Barrington and Elk Grove High Schools, plus 25 years in ODP. TK is also a Co-Owner of Step Ahead Sports, a Futsal and Training Soccer Center of Excellence where he does his brand of sports performance and SAQ training, having worked with some of Illinoisí best players, including Jonathan Spector, formerly Manchester United, West Ham and Birmingham.

Tony ís formal soccer education includes:
USSF "A" License
NSCAA Premiere Diploma
KNVB Advanced Match Analysis Certificate
LaLiga Formation Level 3 Certificate
US Futsal Level 4 Certificate

Higher Education:

Northern Arizona University, B.S. in Education (art) ë82